Bond CFDs trading

Get the advantage of trading CFDs on government treasury bonds.

What is Bond trading?

A bond is an over-the-counter exchange-traded fund (ETF) and fixed-income financial instrument issued by corporations and governments (IOU) as debt securities (Coupon and Zero-coupon bonds) for a period of time mainly to pay down other debts and operations funding purposes through brokerage firms in the secondary market

Bond trading is when bond investors and traders (lenders) are allowed to buy or sell corporate bonds and government bonds (bond issuers) in the bond market (public debt market). The issuer (borrower) must pay back the bond price (face value), interest rate, and a fixed or variable interest payment (dividend) to the bondholders on the bond maturity date. Traders consider bond investing one of the most effective portfolio diversification strategies.

Types of Bond Markets:

  • Emerging Market Bonds

  • Mortgage-Backed Bonds (MBS)

  • Municipal Bonds (Munis)

  • Government Bonds

  • Corporate Bonds (High yield bonds or Junk bonds, Investment grade bonds, Guaranteed bonds, Secured bonds)

  • Bond Indices